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address: 13 A.I. Cuza Street, Craiova, 200585
phone: +(4) 0251 414 468
fax: +(4) 0251 418 849
email: litere@central.ucv.ro
web: cis01.central.ucv.ro/litere/
Dean: Reader Gabriel Cosoveanu, PhD
Erasmus Coordinator: Prof. Cristiana Teodorescu, PhD (email: cteodorescu05@yahoo.fr)


Past and Present:

1959 – The beginning of the philological higher education in Craiova, within the 3-year Teacher Training Institute;
1965 – Upon the foundation of the University the Faculty of Philology is included in the new academic community, through the unification of the institutes already in place in a single administrative structure;
1974 – The Faculty of Philology and History is established;
2000 - The Faculty of Letters separates from the Faculty of History, each becoming autonomous academic structures.

Academic staff:

15 Professors, 25 Readers, 51 Senior Lecturers, 41 Junior Lecturers and 15 Junior Assistants.

Number of students:

2,466 (Bachelor programme - 1,736, Master programme - 730)

Bachelor programme: - length: 3-4 years
Field: Language and Literature
  • Romanian language and literature (major) – A Foreign language and literature (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) (minor)
    (see study plans)
  • Romanian language and literature - Classical philology (Latin) (minor)
  • Romanian language and literature (major) - A foreign language and literature (French, English) (minor) (at Drobeta-Turnu Severin)
    (see study plans)
Field: Applied Modern Languages
Specialisations: Field: Communication Sciences
Specialisations: Field: Education Sciences
Specialisations: Field: Theatre
Specialisations: Field: Music

Master programme: - length: 2 years

Doctoral studies: - length: 3 years
  • 13 PhD supervisors
  • Fields:
    • Philology
Centres for Scientific Research: 6

International academic cooperation programmes:

scientific cooperation agreements with universities of Perugia, Bielefeld, Uppsala, Salamanca, training and cooperation programmes with universities and institutes of UK, USA, France, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, scholarships for Romanian students in Italy, France, England, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, Austria, ERASMUS student and teaching staff mobility schemes - France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, Portugal, England, Sweden, etc.

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University of Craiova, Romania

address: st. A. I. Cuza no.13, Craiova, Romania, zip: 200585
fax: +40 251 411688
tel: +40 251 411688