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Craiova allows for a wide range of leisure activities as you can discover during your stay here. Generally, the inhabitants enjoy both their work time and their free time – the parks, the entertainment areas, the outdoor bars and restaurants and the old city centre are crowded with people of all ages making the city alive.

Among the most popular activities, we mention:

  • fitness, aerobics, body building – in centres across the city, with state-of-the-art facilities;
  • sportsgrounds – you can play tennis, football, basketball outdoors and indoors alike – at night the sportsgrounds are illuminated;
  • jogging, roller-skating, biking or simply walking in the city parks or in the walking area in the centre of the town ;
  • swimming in different swimming pools across the city during summertime and skating on the skating ring in the city main square in wintertime ;
  • cultural events: Craiova’s Days (24-27 October), Shakespeare International Drama Festival, Expoflora (1-5 June) ;
  • going to the cinema, theatre, opera, Philarmonic orchestra concerts , Art galleries exhibitions;
  • trips and guided tours of the city and of the surrounding areas

For further details, please visit City Highlights.

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