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address: 107, Decebal Blvd, Craiova, 200440
phone: +(4) 0251 438 198
fax: +(4) 0251 438 198
email: secretariat@ace.ucv.ro
web: www.ace.ucv.ro
Dean: Prof. Eugen Bobașu, Ph.D
Erasmus Coordinator: Prof. Dorian Cojocaru, Ph.D (email: cojocaru@robotics.ucv.ro)


Past and Present:

1990 - The Faculty of Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics was founded, based on the Automatics and Computer Science specialisation within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering; The faculty developed gradually and more specialisations were added to the initial two (Automatics and Industrial Information Technology and Computer Science): Applied Electronics (1992), Applied Computer Science (2000), Mechatronics (2001), Multimedia Systems Engineering (2005) and Robotics (2006).

Academic staff:

25 Professors, 11 Readers, 18 Senior Lecturers, 12 Junior Lecturers, 1 Junior Assistant

Number of students:

1,501 (Bachelor programme – 1190, Master programme - 311)

Bachelor programme: - length: 4 years
Field: Computers and information technology
Specialisations: Field: Electrical engineering and telecommunications
Specialisations: Field: System engineering
Specialisations: Field: Mechatronics and robotics

Master programme: - length: 2 years
Field: System engineering
Specialisations: Field: Mechatronics and robotics
Specialisations: Field: Electronics engineering and telecommunications
Specialisations: Field: Computers and information technology

Doctoral studies: - length: 3 years
  • 10 PhD supervisors
  • Fields:
    • System engineering
    • Mechatronics and robotics
Centres for Scientific Research: 5

International academic cooperation programmes:

After 1990, the international academic cooperation agreements started with 8 TEMPUS programmes, which resulted in the modernization of laboratories, student and teaching staff mobility and the modernisation of curricula and teaching methods. The TEMPUS agreements and the participation of teachers in international conferences and workshops enhanced academic cooperation with foreign partners. A number of Ph.D. students was awarded World Bank scholarships, subsequently continuing their post-doctoral research at well-known universities abroad. Every year there are numerous teachers participating in scientific programmes abroad or research internships.

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University of Craiova, Romania

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