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The Department of Teacher Training ( Ro. DPPD) is the only autonomous structure of the University, in charge with the teacher training programme, (psycho-pedagogical training, methodology, teaching practice), differing from professional training (related to the students’ specialisation ensured by the faculties)

The teacher training programme underpins a specific curriculum, harmonised nationally and approved by the Ministry of Education and Research. DPPD is authorised to issue graduation certificates. (see DPPD regulations, art.4)

   The Teacher training programme, delivered to both undergraduates and graduates (full-time, Distance Learning, part-time and postgraduate academic studies) pursuing a teaching career-as prospective school-or university-based teachers is distinct from other programmes. Enrollment is done electively, but, upon enrollment, course attendance is compulsory as quality assurance is a basic concern. (see DPPD regulations, art.5)

   Prospective teachers who did not attend the teacher training programme when enrolled to the Bachelor programme are allowed to within the postgraduate academic studies system(...) (see DPPD regulations, art.6)




Information on
the teacher training programme
level I (initial training):
[full-time...], [Distance learning...], [part-time...] ,
level II (in depth) and postgraduate
academic studies:
academic year 2008-2009

OMECT nr. 4316/03.06.2008
accreditation of the teacher training programme [...]


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