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International Conference Physical Exercises - A Complex And Modern Way To Promote Healthy Living
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Third edition, 2010
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First edition, 2008
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Honour President:
Rector - University of Craiova, Prof. Ion Vladimirescu

Dean, Prof. Marian Dragomir

Prof Dorina Ortanescu
Senior lecturer Maria Mirela Vasilescu

Scientific committee: Prof. univ. dr. Ligia Rusu
Prof. univ. dr. Marcela Dragomir
Prof. univ. dr. Taina Elena Avramescu
Prof. univ. dr. Mircea Danoiu
Prof. univ. dr. Corneliu Ortanescu
Prof. univ. dr. Sergiu Cataneanu
Conf. univ. dr. Maria Mirela Vasilescu
Conf. univ. dr. Glicheria Daian
Conf. univ. dr. Anca Ionescu

Organizing committee : Prof. univ. dr. Ligia Rusu
Conf. univ. dr. Sorina Cernaianu
Conf.dr. Mirela Calina
Conf. univ. dr. Eugenia Rosulescu
Conf. univ. dr. Ilona Ilinca
Conf.dr. Costin Nanu
Lect. univ. dr. Roberta Ghetu
Lect. univ. drd. Mihai Albina
Lect. univ. dr. Andrei Tohaneanu
Lect. univ. dr. Luminita Brabiescu Calinescu
Lect. univ. dr. Mihaela Zavaleanu
Lect. univ. dr. Shaao Mirela
Lect. univ. dr. Aurora Ungureanu
Asist. univ. dr. Denisa Enescu Bieru
Asist. univ. drd. Catalin Fortan
Asist. univ. drd. Germina Cosma
Asist. univ. drd. Mihai Dragomir
Kt. Oana Babolea

Conference Secretariate:
  • Lecturer Gheţu Roberta
  • Lecturer Brabiescu Călinescu Luminiţa
  • Lecturer Albină Alina
  • Assist. Enescu Bieru Denisa
  • Assist. Ana Maria Kesse

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