General objectives
O 1 – Modernisation of the research spaces of the partners (one for each partner institution);
O 2 – Purchasing of the material goods – RD equipments, hardware, software, birotics, documentations;
O 3 – Equipment operations. Staff instruction. Establishment of the access conditions for third parties. Visibility.

Specific objectives:
O 1.1 – Achievement of the execution projects for the space modernisation works;
O 1.2 – Whitewashing, space partition, PVC floor replacement, replacement of the carpentry with sealed windows, electric, water and sewerage system repairs;
O 1.3 –Furnishing the laboratories with specific research furniture;
O 2.1 – ST documentation Purchasings;
O 2.2 – RD equipment Purchasings;
O 2.3 – Hardware, software and birotics Purchasings;
O 3.1 – Experimental set-ups operation and staff instruction;
O 3.2 –Establishment of the daily programme, conditions and costs for third parties access;
O 3.3 – Result dissemination, web page accomplishment.

Strategic Objectives:
Os 1 – Developing and improving the research capacities of the partner institutions by investments in the RDI infrastructure in order to reach the UE standards;
Os 2 – Increasing of the research infrastructure usage by third parties access to the platform set-ups and data base;
Os 3 – Decreasing the gap between Romanian research and European research in order to create the bases of participate to international partnerships;
Os 4 – Establishing and developing of interdisciplinary relationships and experience exchange with other national and international centres;
Os 5 – Training/instruction of the own personal and the personal of the beneficiaries at UE performance level.

Quantifiable objectives of the project (verifiable indicators)
Om 1 – The integrated platform “Advanced technologies and materials for optoelectronics - OPTOMATEH”, with high performance equipments, at European standards;
Om 2 – Young researchers and PhD students involved in the project and in the platform research group;
Om 3 – A proposal for the FP7 Programme;
Om 4 – Staff members trained to use the acquired equipments (3 technicians);
Om 5 – Library and electronic access to the international data bases (INSPEC, EEVL, etc) and to well-known scientific publications (Science, Phys. Rev. Lett., Liquid Crystals, etc.). Free access for bachelor, master and PhD students;
Om 6 – Folders containing details about third parties access to the platform research infrastructure;

Om 7 – Web. page in Romanian and English versions.


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