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Physics AUC Journal

The International Spring School and Workshop: Quantum Field Theory & Hamiltonian Systems



10-15 MAY 2010



  M. HENNEAUX, A. KLEINSCHMIDT, G. L. GÓMEZ, Remarks on Gauge Invariance and First-class Constraints 1-10
  G. BARNICH, Supertranslations Call for Superrotations


  M. DIMITRIJEVIC, B. NIKOLIC, V. RADOVANOVIC, Non(Anti)commutative Field Theories: Model Building and Renormalizability Properties 18-27
  A. A. RADUTA, C. M. RADUTA, Simultaneous Description of Positive and  Negative Parity Bands in Even-Even and Even-Odd Nuclei 28-53
  S. HEINEMEYER, M. MONDRAGÓN, G. ZOUPANOS, Finite Unification: Theory, Models and Predictions 54-81
  I. I. COTĂESCU, Polarized Vector Bosons on the de Sitter Expanding Universe 82-91
  I. CAPRINI, Perturbative QCD and the Determination of αs 92-100
  B. DRAGOVICH, Nonlocal Field Theory and p-Adic Strings 101-106
  C. S. ACATRINEI, Surprises in Noncommutative Dynamics 107-116
  D. R. GRIGORE, Off-Shell Fields and Quantum Anomalies 117-132
  M. VIȘINESCU, Hidden Symmetries in a Gauge Covariant Approach 133-140
  A. MICU, Heterotic Type IIA Duality with Fluxes 141-146
  L. BRINK, Maximal Supersymmetry, Light-Front Dynamics and Exceptional Symmetries 147-155
  X. BEKAERT, The Many Faces of Singletons 156-172
  G. ZET, Gauge Theories on a Noncommutative Poisson Manifold as Spacetime 173-187
  A. ISAR, Evolution of Continuous Variable Entanglement and Discord in Open Quantum Systems 188-196
  P. POPESCU, M. POPESCU, Some Aspects Concerning the Dynamics Given by Pfaff Forms 197-204
  P. POPESCU, M. POPESCU, Lagrangians and Hamiltonian Structures and Foliations 205-208
  R. CONSTANTINESCU, C. IONESCU, Chaos and Stabilizing Mechanisms for Yang-Mills Mechanical Models 209-217
  C. BIZDADEA, E. M. CIOROIANU, I. NEGRU, S. O. SALIU, S. C. SARARU, Linearized Gravity and Its Dual Formulations: Yes-Go Results on Their Consistent Couplings 218-235
  D. GRECU, A. VIȘINESCU, Two Component Long Wave-Short Wave Resonant Interaction in a Madelung Fluid Description 236-243
  D. D. DIMITRIJEVIC, G. S. DJORDJEVIC, L. D. NEŠIC, On p-Adic Pseudodifferential Operator(s) 244-250
  A. KHVEDELIDZE, D. MLADENOV, Spatially Homogeneous Yang-Mills Theory: Instant and Light-Front Forms of Dynamics 251-264
  A. T. GRECU, D. GRECU, Short Laser Pulse Propagation in Nonlinear Media. From Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation to Short Pulse Equation 265-275
  R. CIMPOIASU, R. CONSTANTINESCU, The Lie Symmetries and Inverse Problem for the Nonlinear Transfer Equation 276-281
  C. BIZDADEA, E. M. CIOROIANU, I. NEGRU, S. C. SARARU, Interactions between Weyl Graviton and Massless Spin-3/2 Particles. No-go Results 282-290
  S.C. SARARU, First-class Approaches of the Second-Class Systems. The Example of Massive Forms 291-297