Invited Speakers

On spectral data and tensor decompositions in anisotropic framework


Bloch waves homogenization in a non-periodic class of microstructures


Graphs and Omega Invariant


Anisotropic elliptic equations with gradient-dependent lower order terms and data

(joint work with Barbara Brandolini, Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy)


Mathematical Modeling of some Hydrological Processes

(joint work with Dorin Marinescu and Ștefan-Gicu Cruceanu)

Optimal control of compound Poisson processes


On the existence and uniqueness of generalized solutions for micropolar media with voids

Monotonicity properties for the variational Dirichlet eigenvalues of the p-Laplace operator


Eigenvalues of the Laplacian with moving mixed boundary conditions


Dynamical Sampling

Strategies for solving PDEs using the Method of Lines and block methods


On the convexity notions related to lower semi-continuity of supremal functionals

(joint work with E. Zappale)


A differential variational inequality in the study of contact problems with wear

Homogenization results for diffusion problems in thin periodic media


Curvature functionals, generalized Willmore surfaces, and biological applications


Nonlinear differential equations from the Hamiltonian constraint conformal decomposition in general relativity