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address: 13 A.I. Cuza Street, Craiova, 200585
phone: +(4) 0251 413 728
fax: +(4) 0251 412 673
email: facmatinf@central.ucv.ro
web: www.inf.ucv.ro
Dean: Prof. Nicolae Tăndăreanu, PhD
Erasmus Coordinator: Prof. Sorin Micu, PhD (email: sd_micu@yahoo.com)


Past and Present:

1959 - The beginning of higher education in the field of mathematics within the 3-year Teacher Training Institute
1966 - Continued its activity within the structure of the newly-founded the Faculty of Mathematics at University of Craiova
1974 – The merging of the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Chemistry resulted in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, which became the Faculty of Sciences in 1990
1991 - The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology was founded.

Academic staff:

9 Professors, 8 Readers, 17 Senior Lecturers, 15 Junior Lecturers and 1 Junior

Number of students:

1,062 (Bachelor programme – 931, Master programme - 131)

Bachelor programme: - length: 3 years
Field: Mathematics
Specialisations: Field: Computer Science

Master programme: - length: 2 years

Doctoral studies: - length: 3 years
  • 4 supervisors
  • Fields:
    • Mathematics
Centres for Scientific Research: 2

International academic cooperation programmes:

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University of Craiova, Romania

address: st. A. I. Cuza no.13, Craiova, Romania, zip: 200585
fax: +40 251 411688
tel: +40 251 411688