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University of Craiova – Tradition and European values

The University of Craiova is a prestigious institution of higher education in Romania and it is part of the European academic community, sharing its cultural, moral, educational and scientific values.

Since its establishment in 1947, the University of Craiova has contributed to the development of knowledge, science and national cultural values and to their integration into the universal heritage. The acceptance of competition and the exchange of values have allowed the selection and consolidation of a valuable teaching staff comprising over 1000 teachers, all very competent, responsible and generous trainers for the scientific and cultural elite.

For over 32000 students, the University of Craiova offers excellent educational conditions in various fields of study, including 120 specializations, all types of courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) and all forms of training (full time, part time and distance learning).

Being convinced that the European Higher Education and the European Research Area are the main pillars of the knowledge-based society, the University of Craiova actively participates in the Bologna Process, carrying out its European vocation through curricular convergence, new approaches in scientific research and by its openness towards academic cooperation.

Our constant concern with ensuring that the quality of education and scientific research are embedded in our University’s tradition confers certainty of an ascending evolution for the benefit of future generations. In a time of quick changing and continuous challenges, University of Craiova has evolved as well, re-evaluating and adapting its programs to meet students’ needs.

Our University is home to Romanian students and to students from abroad. We hope that the generous intellectual and human spirit will shape their lives as students and beyond.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to University of Craiova. We believe that our Erasmus Guide will provide useful information, so you can have a pleasant stay, a most useful and efficient international educational experience, lasting friendships and enjoyable memories in Romania.

Ion Vladimirescu, Professor PhD
Rector of University of Craiova

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