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Global vision

Since the establishment of various European student exchange programmes in the late 1990's, the Faculty of Social Sciences has attracted substantial numbers of international guests and exchange students each year. The form and content of the courses are regularly improved to cover the needs of the European and the international communities. FSS’s leadership and administrative team is dedicated to fulfilling its educational mission, to improve for the Faculty’s future, and to perform its academic European excellence (collaborations with faculties, institutes and research centers from more than 20 countries, among them Unites States of America, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Turkey, etc.).

A network of success

At its core, FSS student life is built around the diversity of human life that's invigorated with student club events, student organizations, international guest speakers, seminars, sports, international conferences, professional practice and more. In fact, many of our candidate profiles share a common concept: how candidates have not only found an academic community of support, but a close-knit network of friendships that last a lifetime. The broad range of services and departments reflects the experience and diversity of the Faculty.

Student life

International students often live in student residences or share apartments in Craiova. They are expected to take a critical, professional and independent approach to their academic studies.

International standards

The Faculty's degree programmes follow Bologna standards for university education and are divided into a three-year bachelor's, two-year master's programme and a three-year research programme (PhD), respectively.


The Faculty of Social Sciences Craiova is unlike many other faculties. It consists of 7 largely self governing offering a wide range of English-taught courses at both undergraduate and graduate level within the Faculty's core disciplines, i.e. History, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Geography and Journalism. Faculty of Social Sciences is committed to sustaining a regional geographically diverse and multicultural student body - offering international students the opportunity to learn about contemporary culture and society on a first-hand basis.

UNDERGRADUATE BA Programs (three year program)

GRADUATE MA Programs (two year program)

Doctoral Programs (three year program)

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